M.V. Sepik Spirit

Winding down from the timeless cloud forests of New Guinea’s Central Range, the Sepik River’s majestic folds form the core of one of the largest and most intact freshwater basins in the Asia Pacific region. The soul of Papua New Guinea, the Sepik is often compared with the Amazon and the Nile, and it sustains an amazing variety of flora and fauna — much of it endemic — along with a wellspring of human cultural expression. In particular, many of the region’s people are economically, culturally and spiritually tied to the crocodiles of the river. While logging, mining and large-scale agriculture operations have been threatening forests, rivers and wetlands in many parts of the country, the Sepik region has remained essentially unspoiled, the river serving as a vital source of food, water, transportation and community identity.

The Sepik Spirit is a deluxe "floating Lodge". Originally commissioned as a vessel for cruising the Sepik and Karawari Rivers, the Sepik Spirit is now permanently moored at a strategic site on the Sepik River.

In its new role as a "floating lodge" fixed in the middle Sepik, the Sepik Spirit offers greater booking flexibility, enhanced touring programs and even more comfort. Returning travelers will note the updated decor. As for the Sepik Spirit's renowned hospitality, some new flourishes have been added.

From their base on the Sepik Spirit, guests explore the Sepik River and the connecting tributaries and lakes on eighteen seat jet-boats. These boats have shallow drafts and the ability to maneuver where large vessels cannot go.

After a day of touring, guests return to the comfort of the Sepik Spirit's air-conditioned lounge, bar and dining areas. The outdoor spaces include a covered and screened upper level deck.

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